Chef Keenen Hendricks 

After graduating back in 2014, I moved to San Antonio and got into cooking and immediately fell in love. From the first night on a line for service I knew it was my calling and true love. I immediately gave it my all. I took as many shifts as possible (even at other kitchens) and did my own research at home. I couldn't get enough! I helped open Supper at Hotel Emma and have worked at Hot Joy, The Monterey, Boiler House, and Bakery Lorraine.

I started
Smack’s back in July 2018 as a pop up on the weekends and then turned it into food truck (which launched in January 2020).



I love hip hop, the 90s and cartoons. My two daughters are my everything – my world. What makes me happy is seeing people smile and talk when they eat my food.


"I believe food is a love language and my style of food is comfort which is key in love."